Terry Frederick for KansasMeet Terry FrederickDistrict 48 of Kansas

Terry's Priorities

Terry Frederick is a life-long Republican with the following priorities:

Robust Economy Recovery
The economy took a severe hit this spring. We need to ensure it can recover quickly and employment bounces back by promoting commonsense tax and regulatory policies that encourage businesses to successfully reopen safely and remain in Kansas.

Steady and Reliable Education Funding
The lawsuits have been settled, but it is important to keep the eye on the ball. Providing the best classroom educational experience to prepare our students for their future is essential for our State.

Real Property Tax Reform
With property valuations rising every year, it is important to enact meaningful property tax reform that requires transparency and doesn't penalize home maintenance to ensure housing costs remain affordable.

Health Care Solutions that Work
Many businesses in Johnson County, especially small businesses, face stifling health care costs. We must pursue ideas that give all Kansans access to quality health care at an affordable rate.

For more details on Terry's positions on various issues impacting Kansas, you can view his answers on the VoteJoCo.com website by clicking here.


Do you support the Value Them Both Amendment?
I support giving voters the opportunity to decide if the Kansas Constitution should be amended to ensure that Kansans are not required to pay for taxpayer funded abortions, that parental consent is required for any girl under 18 that wants an abortion in Kansas and that women’s health is protected by allowing the State to ensure that abortion providers are operated in a safe manner. I am Pro-Life and endorsed by KFL. I respect that there is a diversity of opinion on abortion issues by Kansans.

What is your stand on the 2nd Amendment
I support 2nd Amendment rights and have earned an AQ rating from the National Rifle Association.