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A message from Terry Frederick

Dear Neighbor,

Thank you for visiting my website!

These are unique times, and the COVID-19 situation has impacted us all in one way or another. For our family, our youngest son is a senior in high school this year and seeing his final year cut short and him missing out on the normal celebrations and life experiences surrounding graduation has been difficult. While many families have faced far greater challenges than ours -- everyone has a unique story.

As we have stayed at home more than we would have expected or wanted, it has given me the opportunity to think about my next chance to give back. The unplanned arrival of COVID-19 to the United States and our community has taken a physical, emotional and financial toll on many of us. This week as we start the recovery process in Johnson County to slowly make our way back to normal every business and family faces unique challenges. This is an important step that we need to safely accomplish.

I have always felt that public service was an important responsibility. By volunteering to serve my community through various organizations like Church, Scouts and many service organizations I've always enjoyed working with my friends and neighbors. I have also been honored to serve in elected positions most recently as a Board member on WaterOne for nearly 24 years and previously on the Prairie Village Council, I have always appreciated the opportunity to give back.

I have decided that serving in the Kansas House of Representatives representing the 48th District is the best way to help my friends, neighbors and the State of Kansas accomplish the recovery process.

My family and I chose to live in Johnson County because of the tremendous quality of life and great opportunities that are available for all of us here. As our nation continues to battle with COVID-19 and steps are taken to keep us all safe and healthy, our economy has without question paid a significant price. We will need leaders in Topeka who possess experience in management, budgets and tax policies to help get Kansas growing again.

I've seen first-hand as a Johnson County public school graduate and as a Dad how important great schools are to us in Overland Park and I'll make it a priority to maintain our quality schools and get our economy growing again. I will be a responsible, pragmatic voice in Topeka that seeks solutions rather than gridlock and prioritizes results over rhetoric.

As this campaign moves forward, I look forward to meeting you and answering any questions. You're welcome to e-mail me at terry@terryfrederickforkansas.com or click here to sign up for my e-newsletter! You can also call me at 913-717-3076.